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2 1/4'' Diameter 4'' Length 1 1/2'' Depth 5 oz Capacity

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Truly a combination of form and function, our Flexipan collection is designed to give infinite possibilities. The molds and trays are perfect for baking, microwaving and freezing, with fluted styles and fun shapes that are sure to inspire creativity. Bani



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Danielle HindsOak Harbor, WA - 5 Stars
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Potato bars

January 31,2019
You never know what you can come up with when you prepare foods!
I had a bunch of potatoes to use up! So I boiled some potatoes, grated them and put them in the bar pan and froze them!
Did this a few times and had a bunch of hash brown bars for quick meals!

This is the best size bread pan for 2 people house holds!
cindy ulshaferSALEM, OR - 5 Stars
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One of my favorite trays!

October 29,2018
In our kitchen, we've used the 9-loaf tray, yes, to make pumpkin bread and zucchini bread. But there's SO much more! My husband loves that I will freeze up portions of leftovers in the tray for his lunches--like meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, turkey soup, taco meat, and chili. I also will freeze chicken stock. When solid, I pop out the food and store in a big zip bag, and the tray is ready to use again. And my co-worker borrowed my tray and made the cutest "brick wall" cake for her son's birthday! She made two trays' worth of cake "bricks," laid them horizontally on a board, and used cream cheese frosting in between for the "mortar" to hold them all together.

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